Female pelvic prolapse

Pelvic organ prolapse is a descent of one or more organs in the pelvic cavity toward the outside. This organ (bladder, vagina, urethra or rectum) descends  progressively and can reach the outside, if it isn’t corrected in timely manner.

There are two ways to treat female pelvic prolapse: conservative treatment (without surgery) and surgical treatment. When the problem is identified, it can be mitigated using a treatment with ointments or suppositories with oestrogen (local vaginal oestrogenisation) combined with a training of the pelvic floor, which allows to improve a mild prolapse and prevent its progression.

In more severe cases, surgery is the only option. Different surgical methods, depending on the affected organ can be used to reconstruct and stabilise the different structures that support the organ to return it to its original position in the pelvis.

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