Focalyx Tx

Electroporation Focal Therapy and real-time Image Fusion

FOCALYX® Electroporation (IRE) is a minimally invasive technique based on the use of short electrical pulses and high voltage for the elimination of the cells that cause prostate cancer. The starting point is the precise location of the lesions thanks to the multiparametric magnetic resonance FOCALYX® Dx. Once we have a prostate map to help us determine if there is a danger of cancer, we will check the presence of the cancer through the FOCALYX® Bx fusion biopsy.


Focalyx Tx Electroporation (IRE) / Nanoknife

The FOCALYX® Electroporation (IRE) focal therapy allows the structures surrounding the prostate gland to be preserved as much as possible. The fusion of images from a previous magnetic resonance and direct ultrasound allows a very high precision in the trans perineal insertion of two very fine needles.

Between these needles there develops a potential difference that causes short electrical pulses and high voltage that directly attack the cancer cells.

Compared to other conventional treatments, the FOCALYX® Electroporation (IRE) focuses on damaged cells, destroying the tumor while preserving blood vessels, nerves …This assures a minimum risk of adverse effects unlike other procedures such as surgery or radiation.

The treatment of prostate cancer with IRE electroporation, allows in many cases to treat tumors considered inoperable because they are located in places that are difficult to access, which makes them an excellent option for complicated cases.

Other focal treatment options
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