Renal Colic

Renal colic is characterized by a sudden triggering of pain in one side of the abdomen or in the lumbar region, that appears and disappears and produces a pinching or burning sensation. The pain may be accompanied by sweating, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes urinary discomfort, like the feeling of wanting to urinate constantly or stinging and burning during urination.

Renal colic is a fairly common problem: in Spain four out of every hundred people suffer from this disease, which implies the apparition of approximately one hundred thousand new cases per year.

What are the causes of renal colic?

The main cause of colic is the formation of stones in the kidney, also known as renal lithiasis. There are different types of kidney stones, depending on the combination of chemical substances which compose them. In addition, their size can also vary.

What are the symptoms of renal colic?

Kidney stones are very painful and usually accompanied by the following symptoms:

Strong, constant pain in the lower back or side.

Blood in the urine.

Fever and chills.


Urine with a bad odour or with a cloudy aspect.

Burning sensation when urinating.

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