Ecodynamic is a doppler ultrasound scan carried out with high resolution transducer that includes the study of tissues and blood vessels in the penis, with the purpose of knowing the cause of your erection problem or the exact location of lesions that occur in Peyronie’s Disease (if applicable) and select the treatment that are best suited for each patient.

What patients is indicated?

Ecodynamic is indicated in the study of various disorders that affect the shape or functionality of the penis, for example:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s Disease/ bend of the penis
  • Study of the priapism or painful erections

How is the exploration performed?

First, an ultrasound study with high-resolution linear transducer on a flaccid penis will allow you to assess all the penile structures, with the aim of ruling out plaques and other abnormalities.

Then, a substance with vasodilator effect is injected through a small needle inside the penis to increases blood flow and produce an erection in varying degrees. This part of the procedure may be a little uncomfortable for the patient. Finally, a conductive gel is applied to perform a Doppler scan of the cavernous arteries. This scan is painless.

What are the benefits?

In patients with erectile dysfunction, Ecodynamic allows to diagnose what is the mechanism responsible for the same: an insufficient blood flow, or, on the contrary, determine if there is a problem in the mechanisms that trap blood during erection. Sometimes, there is more than one underlying cause. This test will allow your doctor to predict response to different treatments and select the one that best fits your case.

In patients with Peyronie’s disease, Ecodynamic allows the localisation and characterisation of fibrosis, as well as the study of vascular pathology associated with what is fundamental in the diagnosis, choice of treatment and follow-up of this pathology.

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