LYX Institute of Urology

Centro de Urología en Madrid

María de Molina, 22 – 1º Left
28006 Madrid
Telephone (+34) 91 513 49 50
Cell (+34) 686 083 040

Integral management process designed for the patient

In a classical building from the 1930s, in the heart of the Salamanca district, the LYX Institute of Urology offers:

  • Waiting room and reception
  • Assistive living room which consists of 3 medical offices, one of them with Integrated ultrasound unit
  • Scanning room with ultrasound and urofluxometric diagnosis

In a professional environment with first level of accessibility, we offer a “ONE SITE” model i.e. a one-point access to all necessary urologic tests so that diagnosis and treatment may be carried out at the same time and in the same place (if need be).

Our models of activity

  • General Urology: serves patients referred directly by the Primary Care/Family Doctor
  • Monographic or specific: treats patients referred by a urologist and with previously defined pathology: Oncology, Sexual Medicine, Lithiasis, etc
  • High Resolution: That at which they made to the patient anamnesis and the necessary tests on the same day providing the patient a diagnostic orientation or therapeutic indication

Time is crucial in treating a pathology and therefore one of the principles of our centre will be speed and efficiency. All the additional tests that the specialist/urologist may need and recommend to the patient shall be carried out as swiftly as possible. The comfort and speed affect the well-being of the patient who will be able to benefit from the diagnosis and treatment almost immediately.

Instituto de Urología LYX en Madrid

Personalised high-resolution service

In a professional environment of first level of accessibility, we offer a specialised attention in Sexual Medicine and Health of the man, by professionals of recognized prestige.

With a comprehensive assessment of men’s health, we offer an personalized high-resolution service.

Leading-edge treatments in andrology are available and offer great quality of life to our patients.

How to arrive


  • Gregorio Marañón (Exit Hotel Miguel Angel) Línea 7 y 10
  • Ruben Dario (Exit Museum) Linea 5
  • Nuñez de Balboa (Exit Museum) Línea 5 y 9
  • Avda. de America Línea 6,7 y 9


  • Líneas 9, 12, 14 , 16, 19, 27, 51


  • María de Molina, 27
  • Serrano Park (entrance by Hermanos Becker)
  • General Oraa, 14
  • Claudio Coello , 139
  • Nuñez de Balboa, 115
Room Facilities

Specialised consultations of urology imaging tests

  • Renal ultrasound
  • Transabdominal and transrectal vesicoprostatic ultrasonography
  • Testicular ultrasound
  • Penile ultrasound with/without intracavernosal injection

Specific Tests

  • Voiding flowmetry with postvoid residual volume
  • Specific tests of Endothelial Dysfunction and Risk (Rigiscan, ENDOPAT)
  • Test of erection by intracavernosal injection (PGE1) under medical supervision
  • Urodynamic studies and ambulatory urodynamics