LYX Surgical Medical Centre

Centro Médico Quirúrgico LYX en Madrid

General Perón , 20. 28020 Madrid
Telephone (+34) 91 513 49 50

Speed and efficiency in all processes

In Lyx, we are aware that for our patients, time is important and we wish to put all our means to take advantage of it in an efficient manner. Time is crucial in treating a pathology and therefore, speed and efficiency are of paramount importance for our centre.

The centre facilities

Located in the northern area of Madrid, well-connected, it has direct access from Calle General Moscardó 34. With an operating room for Ambulatory Surgery, the centre also offers:

  • An independent waiting area
  • Reception area of patients
  • Male-female changing rooms for patients
  • Operating Room
  • Immediate anaesthetic recovery area
  • Sterilisation Area
Operación Cáncer de Próstata

“Same-day surgery” is a modality of intervention that does not require hospital admission. Booming in all Spanish hospitals for years, this surgical modality has been implemented throughout Europe as a key factor in modern management of hospitals and received the approval of the vast majority of patients, who prefer to remain as little time as possible in the hospital/centre and continue the recovery process in their own homes.

In this regard, it should be noted that the benefits of this modality of surgery are primarily for patients and their family members, because it reduces substantially the disruptive effects of being operated on everyday life, reduces the perceived importance of the surgical act, contributes to the reduction of nosocomial infections and allows the incorporation of patients to their normal life much faster.

The terms “Same-Day Surgery” and “Surgery without hospitalisation” have been coined as equivalent to “Ambulatory Surgery” but is a necessary and exclusive condition, that the patient does not spend the night in the centre after the procedure.

Among surgical interventions, same-day surgery is indicated for low-complexity and low-risk operations in which the patient can return home the same day of the intervention.

The number of interventions of same-day surgery is growing and will continue to grow due to several reasons:

  • The anaesthetic techniques and drugs have improved
  • The technical tools and procedures have improved, are less invasive and much simpler

The main benefits of the Unit of Same-Day Surgery (USDS) for the patients are as follows:

  • Possibility to recover at their home in a family atmosphere. The appropriate controls of post-operative pain shall be made.
  • Spending as little time as possible in the Medical-Surgical Institute (MSI), decreases the chance of getting a nosocomial infection
  • Considerable decrease in costs of hospitalisation

This methodology proposes to affect as little as possible the daily lives of patients so they can return to their normal activities in a short time

  • Preoperative fasting: Adults: 8 hours of fasting from solid foods and 4 hours of clear liquids (water, tea, juices)
  • Patients should be accompanied during the pre-admission interview, admission, return and at their home, in the postoperative period during the first 24 hours
  • Patients scheduled for ambulatory surgery with local anaesthesia without sedation, can arrive at the unit only 1 hour before the scheduled time for the operation. Patients scheduled under local anaesthesia and sedation, regional anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, must attend 2 hours before
  • Scheduled Surgery: the USDS performs elective surgery. In some exceptional, it is able to perform emergency surgery of the same features that patients who are candidates for elective surgery
  • You must have a telephone to perform the postoperative follow-up, and sleep in town the first night after surgery or maximum one hour ride from the institution where it was performed
  • Postoperative Pain Management

Action sequences performed by personnel specially trained for this purpose, in order to assess and monitor the evolution of patients operated in LYX CMQ.

  • Phone and/or home follow-up in some cases, depending on the size of the surgery performed, leaving the latter to the discretion of the surgeon
  • LYX CMQ has a dedicated 24/7 line
  • Within 24 hours following the surgery, patients undergoing same-day surgery shall be called by telephone by the staff of the unit with the objective of evaluating:
    • Understanding and fulfilment of the medical indications
    • Absence of nausea and vomiting
    • Digestive Tolerance
    • Absence of pain or pain mitigated with normal painkillers
    • Absence of haemorrhage
    • Absence of fever/low-grade fever
    • Normal diuresis
    • Sensation of favourable postoperative evolution
    • Suitable for the postoperative ambulation
    • Normal state of consciousness and alertness
    • Ask about other doubts
  • Any positive manifestations or concerns will be reported to the surgeon and/or the patient will be requested to attend to the hospital , according to the severity of the clinical picture
  • The data collected by phone shall be registered in the protocol for the correct follow-up in the clinical history
How to arrive


  • Santiago Bernabeu (Exit Azca) Línea 10


  • 3,5,14,27, 40,126,147 y 150.


  • General Peron, 21
Room Facilities

Endoscopic examinations:

  • Flexible cystourethroscopy
  • Flexible cystourethroscopy Diagnosis

Operating Room:

  • Urological Procedures performed on patient of same-day surgery