Phimosis is a problem that occurs in males and prevents them from discovering the head of the penis or the glans due to excessive narrowness of the opening of the foreskin.

Babies are born with foreskin and glans bonded, and they separate little by little thanks to the fact that children touch and stretch the skin, begin to have erections and penis increases in size. The problem comes when this separation does not occur over the years.

The phimosis can produce alterations in urination or pain during urination, as well as discomfort during erection or infections in the space under the foreskin.

The procedure for ending the phimosis is circumcision, an intervention that involves cutting the skin of the penis and foreskin mucosa leftovers so as to leave the glans uncovered. Normally, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, except when children are very young, in which case it requires general anaesthesia.

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