Prostatitis. Chronic pelvic pain

Prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome encompasses a wide variety of problems that can cause a chronic pelvic pain and/or genital pain: acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis…

Prostatitis can cause pain in the penis and in the lower belly and back, burning during urination, discomfort during defecation or ejaculation, low stream of urine or unpleasant odour, among other symptoms.

In this field, our Centre of Urology offers the following services:

  • Individualised assessment and diagnosis
  • Specific microbiological studies
  • Specific pharmacological treatment
  • Use of complementary techniques (pelvic floor rehabilitation, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, etc.)
  • Collaboration with the Unity of the Chronic Pain (pharmacological therapy, nerve blocks, etc.)

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