Lyx second opinion

In Lyx Urology we think that a second medical opinion is not enough. We offer to study your case in a committee of experts formed by a multidisciplinary team.

Choose how you wants us to communicate with you


Your specialist over the phone

Our team of urologists will contact you over the phone to offer you a second medical opinion and clear up any doubts that may arise.

Video consultation

Live conversation

Consult your case with our team of specialists via your computer, tablet or mobile phone via our video consultation platform.


Select email communication to receive your reports directly to your email.


Make an appointment with our team of experts and receive your results in person.

Why ask Lyx for a second opinion?

Your case studied in a commitee of experts

At Lyx Urology we periodically carry out expert committees to study specific cases. We specialize in complex cases that require the multidisciplinary collaboration of different specialists.

Tailored to your needs

Your location does not have to be an impediment to consult your case with prestigious specialists. Through this service you have the option of receiving a second specialized opinion from our team of experts without leaving your home. You can also come to our center in person if you wish.


Simple and safe process

To request an appointment with our specialists, just fill out our online form. We take care of contacting you and carrying out all the necessary procedures.

How is the process?

Send your request through our web form

We will contact you to discuss when and how you would like to receive the results

The Lyx second opinion service has a cost of 290€. We will send you our secure payment link so you can complete the process

Through our web platform you can send us all the information about your case, such as reports or previous tests

One of our specialists will contact you by the means of communication you have chosen to comment on the conclusions drawn by the expert committee

What does this service include?

Our medical team will makes a personalised study of your case based on the information you have provided previously, and they give you a customised diagnosis and a treatment plan.

A team of urologists of international excellence

Our team is integrated by some of the best experts in urology at an international level.

Trained in several countries and specialised in the treatment of different pathologies and treatment techniques, they will help you find the solution that best suits your particular case.

Lyx second opinion,
without leaving home