Select Mdx Liquid Biopsy

Select Mdx Liquid Biopsy

The new liquid biopsy test is able to predict the risk of having an aggressive prostate cancer with an accuracy of 98 percent.

What is the Select Mdx?

It is a genetic test to identify patients at risk of having a prostate cancer. The test is based on the study of biomarkers in the patient’s urine that, together with a number of clinical and analytical parameters, predicts the risk of having a prostate cancer.

The importance of this test lies in its high negative predictive value. That means that when the result of the test is “very low risk”, the chances of having a prostate cancer are very low (less than10 percent of prostate cancer cases and less than 2 percent that this cancer is clinically relevant).

How is the process?

The first step is a digital rectal examination that allows to check the prostate looking for suspicious areas. After the digital rectal examination a urine sample is collected to analyze a number of different genes involved in the development of prostate cancer.

Who is this test for?

The test is recommended to those patients at risk of having prostate cancer, without biopsy or with a previous negative biopsy, in order to increase the profitability of the test and decrease the number of unnecessary biopsies.


SelectMDx is an easy, quick and reliable test to rule out a prostate cancer. The test, combined with another techniques like a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), can avoid the necessity of performing primary or secondary prostate biopsies. The biopsy is an invasive procedure that could have complications like infection or bleeding.

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