Metabolic study

Patients with renal lithiasis require an in-depth study to identify their underlying medical conditions and other metabolic abnormalities that may expose them to this problem. With the results of these studies, professionals of our Urology Centre in Madrid will be able to develop a guide for your preventive treatment.

The depth of the review will depend on various factors, among which the age, clinical history of the patient, as well as the number and frequency of stones.

There are a wide variety of dietary factors and metabolic disorders that can cause renal stones, such as a high intake of animal protein or too low intake of fluid or potassium. For this reason, patients are encouraged to introduce changes in their diet, balancing the consumption of animal proteins, fruits and vegetables, increasing fluid intake and reducing sodium.

When the dietary modifications are not enough to prevent lithiasis, a specific pharmacological intervention based on the results of the metabolic study shall be required.

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